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24H Media Centre
Wealth Management Centre
FinTech Centre

FX168 Finance Group is an internationally renowned financial service provider with a global perspective, having been deeply entrenched in the global Chinese market for over two decades since its establishment. Under the group's umbrella are a series of professional websites and apps including FX168 Finance, 24K99 Precious Metals, 99 Futures Network, and 168 Financial Data Network, covering a wide range of topics such as macroeconomics, central bank trends, cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, stock markets, precious metals, commodities, futures, and real estate markets.

We are committed to delivering comprehensive 24/7 cross-time-zone, real-time financial and investment information, as well as brand promotion and other integrated services. Throughout its existence, FX168 Finance and its affiliated media have consistently adhered to the standards of timeliness, accuracy, professionalism, and objectivity. Our mission is to provide users with the most reliable financial and investment information, helping them gain a comprehensive understanding of global financial markets and make informed investment decisions.

We are not merely conveyors of information; we are also a dependable think tank for investors, helping them unlock the door to wealth and guiding them in understanding the pulse of the financial markets. FX168 Finance Group's omnichannel media outlets reach over 20 million high-net-worth individuals monthly. We maintain close partnerships with hundreds of mainstream Chinese and English media outlets such as PR Newswire, Reuters, Trading View, Dow Jones News, Finance Magnates, NetEase, Sina Finance, Phoenix Finance, and Jinse Finance, providing high-quality branding channels for various business entities.

Furthermore, we actively utilize social media platforms including YouTube channels, WeChat official accounts, X, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Discord groups to disseminate the latest financial news and insights to a wide audience interested in the financial markets.

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By conducting in-depth and professional interviews, we strive to build a more polished brand image and elevate the promotional effectiveness for our clients.
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We offer diverse live streaming services for all kinds of events, bridging the gap between offline and online promotion seamlessly. FX168 Finance has conducted over 300 live broadcasts or rebroadcasts in the past two years.

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