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Since its inception in 2001, FX168 Finance Group (www.fx168news.com) has ascended to the forefront of financial services, establishing a robust presence across North America, Europe, Greater China, and the Asia-Pacific region. We excel in providing round-the-clock global financial news, comprehensive economic data, real-time market updates, augmented by thorough industry analysis and investment research.

Operating across 35 key investment markets worldwide, we have garnered the confidence of over 200 million Chinese investors and 50 million overseas Chinese communities. Our array of services encompasses media relations, strategic corporate branding, expert company valuation management, comprehensive financial advisory tailored for the global expansion of Chinese enterprises, support for IPO planning and execution, investor education and training initiatives, financial data analytics, cutting-edge Web 3.0 project development and research, and custom website construction.

24H Media Centre

  • 24/7 Worldwide Financial News Coverage
  • In-depth Corporate and Expert Interviews
  • Real-time Live Streaming and Event Reporting
  • Multi-channel Comprehensive Media Platform Management
  • Media Partnerships and Content Exchange
  • Customized Advertising Solutions

Wealth Management Centre

  • Corporate Market Value Management
  • One-stop Services for Global Expansion of Chinese Enterprises
  • Private Equity Fund Establishment and Management
  • Strategic Planning and Execution of Major Expos and Forums
  • FX168 Financial Academy & FX168 Financial Research Institute
  • FX168 Flagship Store

FinTech Centre

  • AI-Powered Followme Trading Community
  • Web 3.0 Project Development and Promotion
  • Financial Calendar - Market Leading Tool
  • Real-time Market Data - Data-driven Decision Support
  • Professional Website Construction - Tailored Digital Solutions
Global operations reaching across 35 major markets
The most trusted investment partner for Chinese investors
A loyal partner for overseas Chinese communities

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Corporate Valuation Management and Comprehensive FA Solutions

The Wealth Centre is committed to providing clients with comprehensive financial planning and consulting services. Our expertise includes corporate valuation management and one-stop FA services, aimed at addressing the challenges and pain points related to financing, listing, and business expansion.

Business Planning
Valuation Analysis
Private Equity Financing
Securities Custodian
Financial Advisory
Investor Education and Training
Media and Public Relations Management
Risk Management and Compliance

Golden Tech · Smart Investing

Built for Professional Investing: 20 Years of Technical Expertise

Leveraging Microservices, Automation, and High Availability

Centralized Management
lnformation Centre
Real-time Quotes Centre
Trading Centre
Data Centre
Academy Management
Review Management
User Management
Operations Management
  • Access Market Data for 4,000+ Varieties: Forex, Commodities, Futures, Indices, Cryptocurrencies.
  • Unlocking a Wide Array of Key Technical Signals
  • Gathering Economic Indicator Data and Financial Events from Over 60 Countries Worldwide
Qualifications and Honors
China's Annual Best Forex Media
China (Shenzhen) International Financial Expo Best News Article Award
Outstanding Media Contribution to Financial Theory in China
Top 10 Innovative Financial Information Service Brands in China
China's Leading E-commerce Brand Portal
Over 1000 Partner Institutions Worldwide