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Since its inception in 2001, FX168 Finance Group (www.fx168news.com) has ascended to the forefront of financial services, establishing a robust presence across North America, Europe, Greater China, and the Asia-Pacific region. We excel in providing round-the-clock global financial news, comprehensive economic data, real-time market updates, augmented by thorough industry analysis and investment research.

Operating across 35 key investment markets worldwide, we have garnered the confidence of over 200 million Chinese investors and 50 million overseas Chinese communities. Our array of services encompasses media relations, strategic corporate branding, expert company valuation management, comprehensive financial advisory tailored for the global expansion of Chinese enterprises, support for IPO planning and execution, investor education and training initiatives, financial data analytics, cutting-edge Web 3.0 project development and research, and custom website construction.

FX168 Finance Group has established partnerships with numerous domestic and international banks, including China's five major state-owned banks, providing professional media services to nearly a hundred international forex brokers, over 30 futures companies, and nearly 40 gold and jewelry merchants. We have also formed professional collaborations with various renowned domestic and international financial media outlets, including Investing.com, PR Newswire, Dow Jones, Trading View, Finance Magnates, Sina Finance, Phoenix Finance, Jinse Finance, NetEase, and Shanghai Nonferrous Network.

Simultaneously, we have established partnerships with numerous universities, committed to promoting and developing financial education. We are honored to serve as the off-campus practice base for top domestic financial universities, and we continuously strive to promote knowledge transfer and academic exchange in the financial field.

FX168 Finance Group has been repeatedly honored with awards such as "Asia's Top 500 Brands," "Outstanding Contribution Media in China's Financial Theory Communication," "Best Forex Media of the Year," and "Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in China's Financial Information Service Brands," highlighting our outstanding contributions in the financial field.

FX168 Finance Group is committed to pursuing excellence and continuously creating value for our clients. We firmly believe in the concept of win-win cooperation. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Let's explore the vast prospects of the financial world together and build a more prosperous future of wealth.

Key Milestones

  • 2001

    Shanghai Keshi Digital Channel Production Co., Ltd. was founded

    FX168 Finance, the pioneering Chinese foreign exchange information website, has been launched online

  • 2003

    The 24K99 precious metals website has gone online

    Collaborated with FXCM Asia, the first international forex broker to enter the Chinese market, to host the "FXCM Asia Cup Elite Tournament"

  • 2004

    Launched the "Bank Financial Products Database Product"

    Became the first authorized partner of the Shanghai Gold Exchange

  • 2005

    www.99gh.com went live

    www.2Rich.net went live

    Partnered with China Business Network (YiCai)to co-host the "Forex Treasure Real Trading Competition"

    Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification

  • 2008

    Launched the "Bank Wealth Management Monitoring Report"

    Became an authorized partner of Hang Seng Indexes Limited

  • 2010

    Became a member unit of the Shanghai Financial Association

    Became an authorized partner of the China Financial Futures Exchange

    Awarded the "Best News Article" at the China (Shenzhen) International Financial Expo in both 2010 and 2011

  • 2012

    Introduced the inaugural "99 Futures Ranking List," the first of its kind in China

    Became an authorized partner of the China Foreign Exchange Trading System

    Led the industry with the release of the "2012 China Foreign Exchange Market Personal Forex Investment Blueprint"

    Hosted its First Annual Client Appreciation Dinner

  • 2013

    Launched the "FX168 First Forex Broker Ranking List"

    Released the "2013 China Foreign Exchange Market Personal Forex Investment Blueprint"

    Elevated and hosted the FX168 Second Annual Client Appreciation Summit

  • 2014

    Announced the global strategic repositioning of "FX168 Finance" as a Chinese financial website with a global perspective

    Published the "2014 China Foreign Exchange Market Blueprint"

    Led the industry by releasing the "2014 China Precious Metals Industry Development Blueprint"

    Launched the innovative "Investment Heroes" platform, a large-scale online trading community that combines education with entertainment

    Successfully convened the prestigious international summit, "FX168 Third Annual Summit"

  • 2015

    Established the group's North American operational base in Vancouver, Canada

    Recognized as a "Technology Pioneer Enterprise"

    Named one of the "Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in China's Financial Information Services"

    FX168 Finance was honored with the prestigious title of "Top Brand in China's E-commerce Industry"

    Listed in the "2015 Asia Top 500 Brands" and received the "Asia Excellent Brand Award"

    Successfully hosted the "FX168 Fourth Annual Summit"

    Launched the inaugural industry "Analyst Selection" and annual "Broker Ranking List" events

    Released the "2015 China Foreign Exchange Market Blueprint" and "2015 China Precious Metals and Crude Oil Commodity Industry Development Blueprint"

    The B2C "Review Services" product from FX168 Finance Academy was launched and well-received

  • 2016

    Achieved ISO27001 certification for Information Security Management System

    Hosted the "FX168 Fifth Annual Summit"

    Held the second industry "Analyst Selection" and annual "Broker Ranking List" ceremonies

    Published the "2015-2016 Global Investment Market Blueprint," "2016 China Foreign Exchange Market Blueprint," and "2016 China Precious Metals and Crude Oil Commodity Industry Development Blueprint"

    The practical training and assessment platform, centered around Investment Heroes, successfully secured key project funding support from the Shanghai Zhangjiang Special Development Fund in 2016 and 2017

    FX168 Finance was honored with the PR Newswire's "Annual Vertical Industry Pioneer Award"

  • 2017

    Successfully hosted the inaugural Asia Trading Summit (ATS) in Shanghai, featuring high-profile and international participation

    Released another influential blueprint guiding global investment trends and directions, titled "2016-2017 Global Investment Market Blueprint"

    Invited to deliver a professional career guidance lecture titled "The Growth and Transformation of Financial Analysts" at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

    Launched the financial technology product, FX168 Box

  • 2018

    Successfully hosted the inaugural Asia Trading Expo in Guangzhou for the first time

    Published the "2017-2018 Global Investment Market Blueprint," "2018 China Foreign Exchange Market Blueprint," and "2018 China Precious Metals and Crude Oil Commodity Industry Development Blueprint"

    The fourth edition of the Analyst Selection continued to nurture high-quality talent for the industry, and the annual "Broker Ranking List" was ceremoniously released

    Launched the Investment Heroes Quantitative Academy and www.tradeking168.com, the Real-time Trading Evaluation Platform

  • 2019

    Successfully hosted a prestigious and top-quality Asia Trading Expo in Shanghai

    Received the Annual Media Excellence Award from PR Newswire for "Outstanding Original Content"

    Launched the FX168 Box - Strategy Mall online platform

    Successfully released the "2018-2019 Global Investment Market Blueprint"

    Organized The Saigon Financial Education Summit (SFES) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • 2020

    Successfully conducted the Asia Trading Expo as a virtual exhibition

    Officially launched the "2020 Global Investment Market Blueprint" and "FX168 2021 Eight Hot Topics Outlook – Embracing the New Normal Post-Pandemic Era"

    Organized online and offline networking events for members of the FX168 Elite Club across various cities in China

    Hosted the FX168 Fifth Analyst Selection event

    Introduced the official YouTube Stock Channel

  • 2021

    Successfully co-hosted the "Huobi Summit 2021: Blockchain and Beyond!"

    Released the "2021 Global Investment Market Blueprint" and unveiled the "FX168 2021 Investment Map"

    Established FX168 Finance’s press bureau in Japan and Taiwan

  • 2022

    Completed a comprehensive upgrade of financial technology, launching our independently developed multifunctional core system

    Established FX168 Finance's presence in Malaysia and Australia with dedicated platforms

    Successfully organized the Vancouver International Financial Summit (VIFS)

    Celebrated the grand opening of our NFT marketplace, featuring a diverse range of digital collectible products

  • 2023

    FX168 Finance launched its new Vietnam platform with multilingual and culturally tailored services, establishing close partnerships with local media and financial institutions

    Established FX168 Finance platforms in Europe and Thailand

    Co-organized multiple real estate summits and wealth forums in North America and China

    Successfully organized ed the Vancouver Summer Business Forum

    Engaged in research and implementation of Web 3 projects

Corporate Vision and Mission

Corporate Vision

FX168 Finance Group aspires to be a one-stop investment and wealth management service provider operating across all regions and time zones, with a global perspective and operational capability. Our objective is to deliver seamless and efficient financial services worldwide, catering to every investor need, and emerge as a leader in the international financial services arena.

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to empower Chinese investors with authentic, reliable, and timely investment insights from a global perspective. We are dedicated to helping clients optimize their asset allocation across time and space by providing deep market insights and professional financial knowledge to bolster their investment decisions.