FX168 Finance Group(www.FX168.com)is a well-known supplier providing the composite services including 24H professional and real-time financial news, real-time financial data, investment education and training, financial events and brand promotion. It’s based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou of Greater China, Vancouver of North America and London of Europe.

Our business involves 35 major investment markets in the world. With more than one thousand institutional partners, our service targets for 200 million investors in China and 50 million Chinese worldwide.

1. FX168财经报社    FX168 Newspaper Centre


FX168 Finance Newspaper Centre is a media platform providing media services through FX168.com, 24K99.com, 99qh.com, 2Rich.net and FX168 APP. We offer 24-hour real time professional services of global financial news and information to Chinese in the world.

Our website offered versatile information  with high timeliness and accuracy. The news and information we generate are provided to Sina, Tencent, iFeng, Netease, Sohu, Toutiao and other tens of internet companies. Meanwhile, we also provide news services to financial institutions, such as banks and futures companies.

2. FX168财经学院    FX168 Finance College


FX168 Finance College uses “TradeKing” as training platform, and apply both online and offline courses as training system. Being different from traditional financial education in universities, we focus more on the training of actual investing capabilities. FX168 Finance College has human resource service license, and is qualified to issue relevantcertificate.

3. FX168金融研究院    FX168 Finance Institute


FX168 Finance Institute is a service-oriented research organization based on big data research and evaluation system, providing rating service and a variety of professional research reports. It published《Chinese Foreign Exchange Market Blue Book》,《Chinese Precious Metals, Crude Oil and Commodities Market Blue Book》, 《Global Investments Markets Blue Book》. Moreover, FX168 Finance Institute also provides service of asset management products, funds and economic indicators database.

4. FX168事件统筹    FX168 Event Planning


Based on the service theme of “customer-oriented”, FX168 Event Planning provides highly professional and continual creative services of conferences and seminars. Our slogan is “using conferences to connect everybody in the financial industry”.